The Future Of Energy Is Now

Blue Sky Power helps its customers realize the energy of tomorrow— today.

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When you turn your vision into reality, you build the future.

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We work for our customers

For over a decade, Blue Sky Power has helped its customers implement clean energy infrastructure and lower energy bills by integrating microgrids, Combined Heat & Power (CHP), solar, efficiency projects and resilient power systems.

We take a holistic approach to your portfolio's energy requirements by designing, financing and installing energy infrastructure, as well as by acquiring all available incentives, procuring lower energy rates, and developing cost-saving mechanisms to make your organization more efficient and resilient.

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Energy Infrastructure

We develop, finance, operate, and maintain your energy infrastructure so you can save time, energy and resources.


We execute full technical, financial, and legal assessments of your facility or portfolio. From Energy Master Planning to Project Management, Blue Sky Power saves you energy.


We negotiate with national suppliers to save you money on your energy costs. For transparency and competition, we run reverse auctions to get you the lowest electric and natural gas prices.


Our Purpose

To build the Energy Company of the Future by creating Clean, Cost-Effective, Resilient and Sustainable Energy Infrastructure for companies, governments and institutions.

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Why Energy Infrastructure Matters

Save Money

The cost savings by implementing clean efficient energy can be substantial. Economically, it just makes sense.


Secure yourself from energy price volatility by reducing your reliance on the grid during peak pricing.


By reducing greenhouse gas emissions, you are contributing to a greener healthier Earth and a healthier work environment.


If the grid goes down, you continue to have clean reliable energy while your competitors are waiting on the power to go back on.


Reducing the amount of energy consumption at your facilities allows you to do more with less. Less energy means lower energy costs.

Increase Brand Value

Word spreads fast that your organization is a sustainable energy consumer. Increased brand value may be an ancillary effect, but it means something to customers and clients who value your efforts.

What Our Customers Say

"We brought in Blue Sky Power and they got our project developed and financed, permitted and built. They got all our fees reimbursed and we paid nothing for our 1.2 MW clean energy project."

Dr. George Helfich President, Masonic Charity Foundation

"Stockton’s new clean energy infrastructure project with Blue Sky Power ... is quite innovative and another successful clean energy public/private collaboration here at Stockton College."

Dr. Herman SaatkampPresident, Richard Stockton College

"Blue Sky Power’s holistic and integrated approach to energy generation, reduction and savings is essential to the success of our Green Township."

David MayerMayor, Gloucester Township, NJ

"We had an early vision for a clean energy campus and were told Blue Sky Power would get it done. They did, and we are excited to be a model school district for clean energy."

Dr. Tommy Parlapanides Superintendant, Central Regional School District

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